HTML Link points to a rogue affiliate window link :-(

Hi from Medieval York UK,

On this page and illustrated above the link heighlighted which says buy now in the first column lands on and not

This is driving me mad frankly. I discovered an iFrame (see above screenshot) deleted flushed the cache a billion times but the link still lands on:

If anyone want to stop me from setting my head on fire please ping back a possible fix :wink:

Thanks in advance,

For me the link goes where it should go. I don’t see that iframe in the page code anywhere. :confused:
What you describe sounds like a hacking.

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Thanks Sam, this is the problem. Our IT help desk dont see the problem just me and the client so we just go round in circles :frowning:

Yes, it sounds like a virus on the host server, probably from an insecure script not necessarily from your site.

Check your hosts server is up to date and virus free.

Then change all your ftp and host login password etc and also run a full virus scan on your local computer. It may be you have a virus on your own computer that attaches itself while you upload via ftp.

The virus/script may be browser selective (attaches to a vulnerability in certain browsers) which is why maybe all will not see it.

If you google “site hacked with iframe” you will get a load of suggestions as to what might be the cause.

Good luck these things are a nightmare.


Oh dear this sounds messy, if only i had control over our clients server!

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HI Paul, @SamA74

I have since resolved the affiliate link problem. The screen shot below shows the script that was getting fired everytime the hyperlink was clicked on. We removed the code and hey presto lins behave normally now!

Thank you for all your support,


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