Site redirected to somewhere else, any hlep?

When i clicked search result pages (or link) from google SE, that site is always redirected to somewhere else. I am using mozilla firefox. What the reason is this? And how can i avoid this?

That sounds typical of a hijack, malicious software has infected your system and is redirecting you, but from the little you’ve said it doesn’t sound like a really nasty one, simple full scans should sort it out, if they fail you may be best getting the pro’s to give you a check up, they use special tools that will mess your system up if you click the wrong thing, so should only be used under they’re guidance, but start with a full scan with Malwarebytes, see what that finds.

I follow your advice it solves my problem. Thanks for your help. And i came to know not only that problem but also i could not update my window. Now everything is solved.

Glad it helped, but there is no single piece of protection that can catch everything, so multiple scans are good practise, and if you still feel something is just not right, you are best getting some expert help where they use special and powerful software, but it sounds like you have got rid of it now given it’s returned to normal, but if you want a proper check up let me know and I can direct you to reliable help.

Happy to hear that warm welcome. It seems to be ok right now.:cool:

Don’t install unnecessary stuff from the net. Those stuff always contain virus and malwares. Try safe surfing and have good antivirus that prevent you internet problems. This is the cause of spyware or virus that redirect you to another page.

It only happens when you are trying to open a expired domain.So,try to open a genuine site like yahoo,orkut and then see what happens.