Website Critique/Feedback Request

Hello All,

I’m a web designer and developer. I’ve been web designing since 2008 and I have unwavering passion for building websites for entrepreneurs & corporations. Because I’m a do-it-all guy off lately, I started reading and learning about SEO.

I tried to optimize one of my website i.e and managed to rank it on some low competition keywords but I know there’s a lot of work that still needs to be done. Can you pros give insights on what I should work on to improve it’s rankings?

Also from a web designing point of view, kindly advise as to what I’m missing on our site or what needs to be corrected from a user, customer point? Is the mobile version ok? Please look it over and let me know what needs to be fixed and what catches your eye.

Please feel free to give strict pointers. I want to know if I’m doing it all wrong or if I’m on the right track. I can really take any negatives on the chin as I’m totally aware it’ll help me to improvise myself, so please go ahead.


The circled things are the most obvious problems for me

Don’t know about you, but this is on an iPhone.

On desktop, there is virtually no content visible with JavaScript disabled, which is a major issue, IMHO.

You also have quite a number of coding errors. I’d advise you to correct these, as they may be contributing to the layout issues already mentioned. They may also make it more difficult for search engines to understand your page, as they rely upon well-structured, semantic HTML to help convey meaning.

hi TechnoBear!

I agree about the noscript, at least for desktop it should work with JS disabled… for mobile it’s a lot harder to make it work w/JS disabled (how do you make the nav work in mobile w/o JS? yikes…)
(and I wonder if any users at all disable JS on their mobile devices… I didn’t even know until about a year after I had purchased my iPhone that you can also disable JS on mobile browsers (at least on the iPhone Safari you can, I don’t know about any of the others…)

The website makes me wonder:

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I agree. Having looked through your site, I have a lot of questions as a customer. I think it is better to work on the additional information. But in general, the site looks good and works fast. What did you use for its creation?