Website Critique/Feedback request

Hello guys,

I would like to ask for your comments, feedback and suggestions on improvement on the following web page

Imagine you were an investor, looking to get your IT company set up in a free zone and this is one of your options.
Tell me your thoughts on the design, written content etc.

Does the page offer clear understanding. Do you have enough information? Would you give them your money?

Welcome to the forums, @klaraurbanova.

My first view of the site is the kind of thing which usually puts me off completely and guarantees I don’t bother going any further.

That’s unfortunate, because after I enabled JS (not something I would normally do without first having seen some content) I found the site quite attractive. Relying entirely on JS to load your content is not a sensible move, IMHO. See

The layout was OK, apart from this image, which was cut-off at the edge of my screen (1280px wide):

In my brief look at the site, I found the main menu drop-down options are not accessible using keyboard navigation, although the rest of the site does work well.

Using a mouse, I found the “features” section a little disconcerting; the entire box responds on hover, but only the blue heading is a clickable link.

Hope that helps.

Thank you!

I agree with @TechnoBear about the “features” section, the whole thing looks like it’s clickable - so indeed it should be. In my opinion the design is very professional, nice clear layout and a good mix of text and images. Is it optimized for mobile also?

Hello Adrian,
Thank you for taking the time to check out the page and comments. To answer your questions, yes it is optimized for mobile.

I would like to pick your and @TechnoBear 's brain more on the content, in particular the ‘Business set up’ section.
I’m thinking the amount of information could be simplified and more visual, rather than the bullet points.

The idea is to make it friendlier for new customers who are interested in running their business there.

Looking at this section, I don’t know if this is intentional but the sentence “To get your business started at DSO you will simply need to register your company and then obtain a licence to operate your company. In order to register your company, you need to select your company type and your licence type:” (followed by the company types and licence types" repeats itself so I would remove this.

In terms of the layout, I actually like the bullet point format as it keeps the information clear and easy to read. You could have the business types and licence types next to each other rather than one underneath the other, with an image above each “block” if you see what I mean?

Hope I’ve explained myself clearly enough :smiley:

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