Web payments

Is Stripe the best option for accepting payments on the web? What are the alternatives?

Define “the best”.

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It depends on what kind of payments do you wish to accept. If you want to receive International Payments, then PayPal or Payoneer are good.

I’m primarily concerned with finding one that creates a good user experience, but a good developer experience would be great too! I want to create a solution that will not require a user to go through many steps to pay, and that maybe makes use of the new-ish web payments API.

It just needs to be able to process credit card payments (as well as money from peoples PayPal accounts). I don’t need to support anything like Bitcoin.

I definitely want to be able to receive funds from peoples paypal accounts, and I found out that Stripe does not let you do this, so I may have to use the PayPal API. Could there be any benefit to using both PayPal and Stripe?

It will not be global but will be international - Europe & US & Australia.

Also perhaps worth me mentioning that it is not a traditional ecommerce site where I just take a payment. It is a platform where people sell services, and then a percentage of what they charge is taken by me.

Cryptocurrencies is the best for the internet payments.

How so?
Not everyone uses them and the OP says:-

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It depends on the amounts and number of monthly payments you’re going to receive. If you already have PayPal - you can use it, but I don’t recommend to create a new account for that as there will be a lot of limitations.
So Stripe is a good one.
Moreover crypto is also good as people now make a lot of payments using it due to the death of market. Moreover you can earn on it.

If you want to alienate a large part of the market sure.

You can view the payum extension repo to get an idea of all the vendors out there that offer payment solutions.


Payum is a php package but you can use it not for the code but to understand the options available.


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Where do you want to receive payments? Is it a website or a platform? Or you just want to use it for personal use?

Its a website/PWA

Then you can surely use Stripe. I am not sure about the conversion rates in comparison with PayPal & Payoneer.

You can compare them.

PayPal and Payoneer is the best option.

Why? Just repeating options that others have given without saying why you think they are “best” isn’t much use to anyone.


To all posters

Just listing payment providers without any reason for your recommendation is of no help to anyone. Any posts not giving reasons will be deleted.