Payment processing options for ecommerce site

hello all. have run a successful ecommerce site and feel like i am getting screwed with all the fees from credit card processing etc…
i currently have a processor and also pay for a gateway. i also accept paypal. what are developers and ecommerce sites using to process payments. seems like an awful lot of fees etc…

what other options are out there? i do use paypal but most of my business is via credit card. any suggestions would be appreciated.

For me in the UK they only charge 1.9% + 20p for domestic cards and 2.9% + 20p for international cards.

yes. have looked a bit into stripe. do they handle the gateway, processing and all?? customers don’t need to have a stripe acct to use the service, correct?

anyone here in the U.S. using stripe?

Yes they handle all the payments for you, all you need to do is add a payment form on your site supply a bank account where you want the money transferred to and they do the rest inbetween. No customer accounts needed.

I believe that PayPal alone is usually sufficient because it takes all forms of credit card payments. When users are presented with just the PayPal option, the end result is the same as having a Gateway, it’s just a lower total commission payment and no annual fee from the gateway.

Importantly, I think you need to consider the overall volume of sales that comes through your site and whether it warrants having multiple payment options. Gateways are better for high volume sales sites where the overall proportion of fees are small compared to the turnover.

Perhaps remove the gateway & processor and see if there is any impact on sales - as your volume grows you can measure the need and demand for more payment options.

Some of the best Alternative payment Options:
Google Wallet
Amazon payments
Master Pass.
For more you can search it on Google too.
In my own site I use Paypal

Yes, that’s true. That’s why a list of names such as you’ve provided is of very little help; anybody can search and come up with a list of names.

What is much more helpful is anybody who actually uses one of these options explaining why they chose it and what they see as the benefits.

depending upon your volumes you may be interested in something like bibit. Its a commercial gateway product. I think the trans fee is something like 1% and the cards it deals with by default are extensive, covering all the main players including Amex…hope this helps

check out payoneer.


A statement like that is of no more help to the OP than a list of providers, such as that in post #7.

To all posters: please ensure your post is useful by taking time to explain why you recommend a particular product and what you see as the benefits of choosing that one.

sorry mom. recently some ad networks started using payoneer for publishers payments so i thought he can check it out and see if it fits him.

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