How to add credit cards option for user to pay

I have heard about stripe is a good way to allow an user to pay by credit card but it seems complicated. Is there another way to go about in giving the user a choice to pay by credit cards?

Everything gets complicated, when real money is involved. Because you (or your payment provider) could be sued if something goes haywire.

So is strife the only way for this? Or is it stripe?

PayPal would be another option. There are others, depending on where you are based; it’s a case of looking around and deciding which best meets your needs.

For instance where you have to pay the least transaction or membership fees.

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There are lots of option for paying someone. Which method would you like to use for sending payment like- Paypal, Payza, Skill, Neteller and many more.

Good question. … I have seen a video on youtube on how to add paypal to a website but is there a way that I can add a credit card service?

Any of the payment service providers will provide instructions for integrating their service with your site. You just need to look at a few services and determine which is the best for you. (PayPal, of course, allows people to pay by credit/debit card, as well as with a PayPal account.) Try expanding your horizons beyond YouTube and look at the actual company websites.

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