Online payment

Hi all, I want to selll some products on my website. But I’m not sure about the payment. I give payment methods to the customer including credit card, Visa card etc. Is there is any suggestions to securely run payment transaction on my site?

While this is generally true, is it true for your target audience? You must find that out. Maybe they all want to just do wire tranfers?

Once you find out the most preferable way of payment, you can search for the provider and stuff.

OK, thank you for the advice. Though there are some thresholds in some places, for example, we can not withdraw from paypal easily in my country, I guess paypal is still the most widely used payment method in the whole world. I will have a try.

One option is to consider integrating Paypal’s online payment system into your website.

If you have a reasonable understanding of html forms, you shouldn’t have any problems with at least a basic integration.

Regardless of what you are selling, you will need these three things: gateway, merchant account, and SSL encryption. If you are a service based company that is all you’ll need. If you are selling products, you will need a shopping cart in addition to those three things.