Can I get my website design reviewed?

I was working on a new website design quite a long time and here is the result of work, This site has been radically changed. I have added more dynamics, because it was previously “dry” and did not attract.
But I am still not sure about the size of the text, although in general, I like the design! That’s why I am looking for your objective opinion.
Also, what about the size of the images? Aren’t they big?
So can you tell me, please, what you like and don’t like about the design. Specifically what you think needs to be improved or changed.
I am waiting for honest/constructive feedback on it. Criticism is also welcome.

Thank you in advance for your time!

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I don’t understand the superscript numbers in the menu?

I like the design, for the most part. It feels a bit… empty.
That’s not what it is, but it feels empty, because as i scroll down your page, none of your text jumps out at me. It’s a light grey on a white background, so my eye doesnt move to it.

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I realise you are asking for a design review, but you really ought to take a look at your HTML errors at particularly the duplicate IDs

and suggestions to improve speed at especially the suggestion to serve scaled images - there’s one image there that’s 100 times bigger than it need be.

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The superscript numbers refer to the amount of services, projects, and technologies we have/offer.
Thank you for your feedback!

I appreciate your feedback! And I will take everything into account, thanks!

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Other than the feedback that was given, I really like the design and simplicity of it, well done.

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