Ways to get e-commerce website ranked


Can you recommend on ways that will make e-commerce site more effective and will increase its rank?

I don’t think e-commerce sites are any different to other sites in this resect. I suggest you read the information in the sticky threads at the top of the Internet Marketing forum, which contain a wealth of information.

I will leave this thread open for now but if, as I suspect, such a broad question only attracts fluff, it will be closed.

Hello there IzzoNet, I think social media is one of the effective way in promoting e-commerce site. By creating page, post and share will do.

Thank you for your answer, i will read the info.

work on on-page and off-page seo both. few places you ucould list products:
classified ads sites
google base
product comparison sites

most people would copy paste product description from the company, best is to write your own. this way you can have unique content which of course helps rank better.

from increasing the backlink of your site, by doing the following works.

  1. add to all site directories with pageranking of those directories
  2. any places where needs the domain, pls enter your own domain even the membership registration.
  3. build the own social media and often post your link there

finally, do not need to take the time in the other site promotion where their site set no-follow command, it means request the searching engine do not need to take such link.

thank you all for your posts.
it’s great to hear about your exprience and knowledge.
i’m willing to share with you my knowledge also.

thanks again!

Hi Ezzonet!
From my perspective the best way to get rank would be to get some quality and relevant links for your e-commerce site and it would be best if they are type of contextual links.
But as far as the sales are concerned then you should opt for some other marketing strategy that can help you make your visitors stay at your site like you can add banner advertisement in your marketing campaign as it is already proved that banners, specially flash and animated ones, are highly efficient in attracting visitors to your site and sales conversions.

Also make your site user friendly and having a good logo can also help a lot.