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Hi friends,
I have an ecommerce website. I want to find some effective ways to rank up my website in google or bing or yahoo. If you know about it please share with me.

Hi TerrellBrewer and welcome to the forums.

Firstly, I’d recommend that you download Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”, which is full of information and sound advice to get you started.

We also have a number of threads here on the forum discussing the issue, so I suggest you have a look around the Marketing category. There is a comprehensive thread about SEO here:

If you come across anything you don’t understand, please feel free to ask.


As with any site, content is an important factor in ranking. If you have great, well-written content, then you’re already halfway there. Without it, you’ll always be fighting a losing battle.

give people a good reason to want to visit your site and tell their friends

Hi TerrellBrewer,

I would suggest you 3 following techniques for a start up eCommerce website:

  1. Social Media: Social media is the biggest platform to increase the traffic and sales for eCommerce.
  2. Content Marketing: Content Marketing is very effective for traffic and lead generation.
  3. Product Listing or Bookmarking: There are lot of websites which provide the free product listing. You can list your product. This is very effective techniques to generate sales and increase your traffic.

Today, it is a tough task to rank up of an e-commerce business. But, here I mention you the some point, that will surely help you to take higher rank on search engine result page:

  1. Your design should be user friendly
  2. Unique product description
  3. Use content marketing for promotion
  4. Social Media marketing to share your business information

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