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How to Rank Keywords of E-commerce Website and What Off page activities should i use for Better Ranking ??

If you’re new to SEO (for any kind of site) I would recommend you start with Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”. This will give you sound advice on the best techniques to get you started.

I would also recommend Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

If you follow these, you won’t go far wrong.

Please Tell me Best SEO Activities Or Tricks for E-commerce site .

There are no “tricks” in SEO. The most important thing you need is a well-constructed site with high-quality, unique content. Then follow the guidelines in the links I gave you above.

People are always looking for “quick fix” techniques to rank well, but there are none that will give lasting results, and many that could result in a penalty against your site. Forget tricks and do things right from the start.


Here’s a quick tip:

  1. Identify the most accurate Keywords that describe your services and products.
  2. Create a blog and carefully inject those keywords in the posts

I’ve never tried this, but it seems to me an odd approach. If your keywords are appearing more in the blog than in the e-commerce part of the site, then the blog pages are more likely to be returned in search results than the e-commerce pages. If I’m looking to buy a product, and I notice a link in the search results going to a blog rather than to an e-commerce page, I’d assume it’s a review and ignore it.

But perhaps I’m just odd and this technique really does work.

I think it can work since the blog may serve as front and to provide valuable details about the products.

Maybe I’m just fantasizing. :confounded:

The best way to boost rankings of ecommerce site is to optimize it and use the leverage of products you have there. If you create a great description for aech of your product, do internal linking and comment them you will observe great results!

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Careful with that. Insist too much and you may get the opposite effect :wink:

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You should concentrate on PPC, and Social media.

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Those may be valid methods of promoting a site, but the question is specifically about SEO. Let’s keep the discussion on-topic.

Hi the first thing you should do is get your E-commerce website indexed on search engines. They should be updated with your presence time to time. Here you can get to know an Experimented Guide on how to quickly Index website on Search Engines. Also you will get to know a guided trick about indexing through ping services.

First of all index your websites on search engines and after just use different sources to spreed the links of your website all over internet using backlinks through social bookmarking.

That is more likely to get you penalised for participating in link schemes than to have any positive effect on your SEO.

Also, the question is specifically about ranking keywords. Please remember to address that aspect.

Hi ! First of all post unique content and keywords for your site.

  1. Forum posting
  2. Blog Commenting
  3. Article submission
  4. Classifieds
  5. Press release
  6. Social Bookmarking
  7. Directory submission
    above mention off- page techniques will help you for better ranking and increase site traffic.

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I’m sorry, but they won’t. They might get you an increase in traffic, but they won’t help your SERPs ranking.

Search engines give very little value to links which you place yourself, and recommend that sites mark such links as nofollow, meaning they are disregarded as backlinks. Most reputable sites follow these guidelines. Additionally, placing multiple poor-quality links like that means you run the risk of your site being penalised for participating in “link schemes”:

You may get some traffic by this method, but not if you are posting simply with the intention of self-promotion and/or link-dropping. If you post genuinely-interesting, original material, then people may be sufficiently interested in you to want to know more and click through to your site. But this will only happen if your contributions are of good quality, not made just for the purposes of trying to manipulate search engines.

First follow main seo terms create good meta for particular product which you are targeting.

Then find some good product listing website. In that put that product and use keyword carefully and also some sites are gives space to add link also.

That will definitely work for e-commerce web site.

Its really hard to do off page for e-commerce sites for off page you can take long tail keyword. instead of Off page you should go for PPC and social media.

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@stylelifefame is asking about ranking a site, presumably in SERPs (as they are asking about SEO and haven’t specified otherwise). Neither of these techniques will influence SERPs rankings.

You can use google keyword planner tool its free and by using this you can check the keyword which is in your mind whether it is searched a lot or not otherwise the google planner will also give you some suggestion that people are using some keywords similar to this.
just for an example i once was doing a seo for a business which provide the service of web developers so i use the tool so he suggested me some keywords that people are searching for "hire web developer, Hire web programmer. Got my point this tool will help you out for sure to understand what keywords is best for you website this is the link to google keyword planner it is free.

And regarding ecommerce website i think its easy to build link for Ecommerce website but depends what this website is about.