Need SEO Suggestions for an E-commerce site

Hi Everyone,

I recently built an ecommerce website for a client who sells discounted medical supplies. I have other clients on the same platform (BigCommerce) who are getting great results with SEO, but this one is just not performing well.

Discount Medical Supply Store - Alpha Medical

Maybe it’s the market saturation… maybe it’s the fact that other companies are similarly named… maybe the SEO just plain stinks. The short and sweet is that I would really appreciate any thoughts you SEO gurus have.

Take a look at the site, and speak your mind. Honestly, and help will be very much appreciated.


i just check some of your site pages. You have good title meta for product pages. Your targeted audience is looks like USA. You can set geo target as USA if you have not done and you need to get some dofollow back links for your domain as well inner pages so you can increase crawling rate as well ranking on search engine.

E commerce website are not easy to rank as there are billions are such sites on web. You should start with basic link building and continue it but at the same time run PPC campaigns on google and facebook so you can generate quick leads and profits.

Link building and unique content. Many people fight for postion becuase they use the exact same content the manufacture supplies them. If you come up with unique content google will value your site more even if you have less links.

It really depends what you’re using SEO for. If you are just hoping that submitting links places will somehow put you to the top in “medical supply”, then you’ll be spinning your wheels forever. SEO cannot, CANNOT just improve ranks in competitive keywords by leaning on basic strategies.

SEO is not about how many searchers you can get, its best use is to try and improve the quality of the searchers you get so that you get more actual business. Research longer keywords which you believe will likely produce quality clicks. (An example for you might be “discount tongue depressors”) and make sure your site has mentions of these. Don’t waste time trying to keyword stuff or build links, just make sure your site hits your long tail words without hurting its overall quality.

People will try to tell you SEO is some kind of Voodoo and that if you follow the right dances you can jump up out of nowhere, really its just common sense and making sure that your website is likely to catch the attention of the many people searching for various longer strings.

Nothing to add, just thought that was such an important point it needed to be repeated! :cool:

Gracias :slight_smile:

How about asking the owners of the site to consider running a blog on matters related to the medical supply sector?

Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I wanted to say thanks to all of you who helped me out with this post. I appreciate your time and advice.