VPS hosting

i want to move my websites to a vps hosting,now i have shared hosting from godaddy,i am not very satisfied with current service,basically i want another hosting company.

I want to know what is the hosting company with the best quality-price ratio or experience of users with VPS services from GoDaddy.

Thank you

I suggest you to go for hostgator for better vps hosting.

thank you for reply but unfortunately Hostgator is excluded due to problems with mysql database, for one of my sites with free ads i used a script which seems to have some problems reported MYSQL overusage on hostgator, same script now runs on a shared hosting from godaddy without problems .

I ask because i do not want to pay for 1-2 years and cannot use purchased service properly.

Thank you


I am sure that Godaddy VPS hosting is not as their shared one. In VPS hosting you have more server resources and RD access.
IMHO the price should be not the most important factor when you choose a hosting provider, because if some host is cheaper now, it could be expensive after few months, so the price factor will not work. Most of the good VPS hosting companies offer at least 30 days money back guarantee, so you could get a VPS hosting and cancel the service if not happy.


I honestly suggest you to go for virpus.com. Cheap and 100% server uptime.

Are you looking for a managed solution or will you managed it yourself?
Are you looking for a US or EU location?
What is your budget?

Also, what control panel do you need?

If you are looking for VPS Hosting I would consider HostGator or a company that specializes in VPS. Review a companies’ service reviews before signing up. Most companies have someone you can talk to before signing up for an account to make sure they have everything you need. Good hosting companies are really flexible.

You sure do get more resources but GoDaddy is so full of it now a days. They provide sub-par service at sky high prices.

To the OP, do a 30 day money back trial and find the right host for you. That is your best bet in a “search” situation.

I’m also in the process of moving a few sites away from shared hosting. Over the last few years I’ve used, Gearhost, GoDaddy, BlueHost, and GreenGeeks among others and it’s time for the next step.

After a LOT of research I’ve settled on Amazon AWS. The free tier is already a step above any shared host I’ve used in terms of memory and CPU and I can always expand to a bigger instance if need be. Best of all, it’s free the 1st year and about $15/month after that.

Apart from the fact that you’ll pay much more from what you need

We have serveral servers on EC2, it’s not for the faint-hearted, bills can rack up very very quickly, have a very careful look at all the hidden costs.

Check out reviews, read ToS and be sure to pay by month and not annually until you are 100% sure the host is reliable.