Seeking good windows VPS

I hope some users here use windows VPS.
Can you suggest me good company? I would love have few companies to look at.
So far I have found But I think that $35 for the VPS is high price. I do not know market standards but I feel so. Please suggest me a company and correct me if I’m wrong .

Windows as rule more expensive then linux. I do not know which configuration are you talking about but I think that the price is right and honest.

Well, I think it’s not only the price one should be looking at while selecting a web hosting plan or server with a hosting provider. The services offered by the hosting provider i.e. the support, management, response time etc. does make a lot of difference. Hence, if you are getting services from a hosting provider at a reasonable/decent price, you shouldn’t wait for long and choose the hosting provider for your hosting services :slight_smile:

I agree with you . Reviews are very very important to understand how good or bad web hosting company is. However review is opinion of certain customer of certain web hosting company and I do not think you may have the same experience.

One web host may works for you but will not work for someone else. I believe that is normal.


Most good hosting providers offer 30 days money back guarantee, so you could test the chosen one by you, and if not happy to change it.


if you match the German provider may recommend hosteurope

Well, the company the thread starter has mentioned i.e. also offers 30 days money back guarantee with the VPS hosting plans. Hence, he/she can choose for his/her VPS requirements :slight_smile:

There are not too many web hosting companies which provide this kind of web hosting. If I were I would do some search on specialized directories. I suppose that will help you get out more information about that.