Crazy Domains 'vs' GoDaddy VPS servers

We’re moving sites to GoDaddy VPS as current servers are awful…what is the best VPS and most cost effective VPS server ?

I would ask this question before deciding where to move my sites. :slight_smile: Anyhow, there are lots of good VPS offerings out there. I’d say do your research, see what experiences people have been reporting, look at pricing etc.

yeah, crazy domains are so, so bad!!

I’d suggest buying from a hosting provider rather than a domain registrar.

For domain registrars any hosting is the equivalent of ‘do you want fries with that’ - ie. something they add on just to make a bit more money out of you.

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SitePoint has a PDF guide to choosing a good host. I suggest you download that and work your way through it to help you decide.


Digital Ocean and Vultr are nice for a simple VPS. The go to corporate host is Rackspace, it seems. If you need something complex, you can go tons of ways.

My personal experience with GoDaddy VPS service at my prior employer was subpar. Not terrible, but others were far easier to use and deal with. And I dislike them as a company, anyway, so my opinion was tainted from the start :smiley:

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From my experience with years of TL status in charge of this board, GoDaddy has had far more than their shares of bad reviews from SitePoint members. Based on that (rather than personal experience), I’d highly recommend using a “real” hosting company rather than a “registrar” (as Felgall so politely put it).

I am with WebHostingBuzz which has a superlative service team but I’ve also seen that InMotion has nearly 50% off for whatever period you want to lock in and that’s hard to beat, too (with no adverse posts - from my recollection). IMHO, search for VPS hosting, review the different offerings, search for ADVERSE comments (rather than shills posting faux recommendations) then make your decision about which host to use.

For VPS accounts, be sure to understand the difference between guaranteed and burst RAM as well as the storage and bandwidth, the control panel offered (I require WHM/cPanel), dedicated IP addresses and the fact that you should require fully managed (often advertised as “pro-active”) support from the host.

Finally, search SitePoint for the checklist I’d posted some time ago (and have repeated recently) OR PM for a copy. It applies to all types of hosting.

Edit: I’ve uploaded the checklist to



I second this. It’s good to not put all your eggs in 1 basket. Keep domain registrars and hosting separate in case something happens to one of them, you can still do damage control.

Also the “do you want fries with that” comment. A lot of them are probably just reselling hosting from someone else anyway, trying to make some extra money.

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