Very low ranking for critical keywords

About 1 month after I went live with a customer’s website, the search doesn’t react very well on some critical keywords, I appear at position 100. Usually my websites appear listed 10 days after launch in page 1 or 2 in the Google’s search result, my market is very local so competition is low.

Most of my client’s website’s pages are listed and/or indexed by Google but I can’t find out why searching on some critical keywords this website isn’t listed. The website is and the important keyword is “abogado Concepción” on

Any idea ?

I had a quick look at your site, and I couldn’t find the phrase “abogado Concepción” anywhere. I couldn’t even find “abogado”, except in the page titles.

Maybe I just missed it (in which case I apologise), but if you want to rank for a particular phrase, you really need to include that phrase on your pages. You have a lot of pages with not a great deal of text on any of them, which doesn’t make the site look particularly authoritative in any given area, I’d have thought.

The word “abogado” appears 3x on the home page. Once at the top of the screen and a couple of times in the text itself.

Not quite correct @Corobori “abogados” appears three time but I do not know if that makes a difference.

You’re right “abogados” appears 3x and not “abogado” but I wouldn’t think this is an issue.

It is. It is a different keyword. “Abogado” is not the same that the plural form “Abogados”.

So you should think if your market will search for “abogado Concepción” more than “abogados Concepción”. Or maybe even “abogados en Concepción”

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Thanks Molona, I’ll do some investigation to find out which is used the most often. I wouldn’t have thought that the plural form would make such a difference.

As you say, your market is local and limited. It shouldn’t do much difference if the competition is low.

But it is also true that the term is quite generic and that means competition could be fierce. So you’ll have to work a bit harder :slight_smile:

Actually I did a short investigation and I noticed that except one domain, which included the keyword in its name, all other domains have got mostly “abogados” in their texts or titles.

I’ll work harder on this but anyway it is worrying that it is not working at this stage whereas other domains I published came up fine very early after they went live. Also reviewing the search result I saw a couple of websites I did years ago listed prior to that one where I didn’t put that much effort in SEO.

Sometimes I am thinking that this could be a side effect of the blocking I had in my robots.txt file before the website went live disallowing access to any crawler. I removed it as soon as we went live.

Do you mean that you were developing the site on the web server directly?

No, I mean I uploaded a “Coming soon” page while waiting for the actual website.

Then you shouldn’t worry too much. It is just a question of time that the crawlers will catch up

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