My site not doing well in google

Hi All

i have created a new site in January first week, but my target keywords are not doing great in google

site is - konfianz - i cant enter complete url coz this is my first blog :frowning:

my target keywords are
web designer dubai
freelance web design dubai
SEO dubai etc

but none of the keywords are ranked :frowning:

i did followed all the seo rules but still no result:x

can anyone please advice? whats wrong with my site

thanks in advance

There are a lot of sites targeting those keywords. Yours is a month old, and has no or few strong backlinks. Why should Google rank yours ahead of theirs?

SEO is a very long term process. If you want immediate results, then advertise.

Thanks Dan for your advice

i will try to create strong back links and promotions
is there any other useful tips to increase the site rankings?


Search engine optimisation is long term, you have to build links up naturally and make many changes / tweaks.

On a side note, am I right in thinking your going to be charging customers for your SEO services? Should you not master the art first?


Keywords seems very competative so you will need a great website with great unique content. Also promotions need to be done well in right manner then and then you can get good rankings.

Maybe you are sandboxed as you are a band new site

This happens when google put all new sites on “probation” before actually letting them show up on search results

Probably because your site is fairly new, it takes years to rank up with the big boys for certain keywords.

Best thing to do is not worry about that, and just target making more content

Matheen I think instead of hosting 2 separate blogs on wordpress and blogger you shud have just one blog. It would be best if u integrate the blog with ur website. Don’t know which host u r using but it’s really easy to install wordpress on hostgator. Fresh content is great for SEO.
Ur blogs don’t have much content so wud advise u to delete both these blogs and start afresh with a wordpress blog hosted on ur site. Also the blog posts on ur blogs are really short. Try and make them atleast over 250 characters each.
U don’t necessarily have to blog about ur company or SEO in dubai. Most elements of SEO are universal. Try and rehash some stuff from top 10 blogs on SEO. It’s a great way to rank high on SERP’s. Also regularly bookmark ur blog posts. I’d say use 2-3 bookmarking sites.

@patmaro : may be you are right, is there any way to find i am sandboxed or not?
@Icedout: as patmaro said, if its sand boxed it may take long time to appear
@SSJ : There is tough competition for my target keywords agree with promotions for quick results
@Jhangora : really useful tip about the blogs, i am new bee in word press, i will try to install a word press blog on my server, thank you for such a great tip

Thanks all for your valuable time to go through my site and posting your suggestions, expect more suggestions from you SEO experts

Thank you

you just started your site on January, its not that much late. Keep on work on those keywords. Do create more relevant back links.

Thanks for your advice!