Value of Twitter, Facebook to G rankings

Recently I started using Twitter. Have not started yet with Facebook.

It’s no secret that these social outlets can help google rankings but my question is, generally, by how much? Is it significant? Is it minor? Could the Twitter grader be used to help infer this?

Logic dictates that Googleplus activity combined with clicks on the “g+1” button will have more effect per volume than facebook, twitter and the likes. You will need a lot of traffic, likes and such for it to make a difference though. I suspect that the increase in traffic from effective social media use in itself will far outweigh the effect on serp ranking.

As i know Twitter and Facebook are two social networking websites that can helpful in genrating traffic for website. But if we talking about Google Plus, it is such a good website that can give us quality backlinks.

I’m not at all familiar with Google plus. Only thing I see from their page is that you can start sharing with it. Is this something that canbe added tto sites hrough webmaster tools or analyitcs accounts?

That’s something I need to look at too. I can see how to set up a personal account on G+ but haven’t worked out how to set up a business account.

As far as generating a traffic is concerned,facebook is easier than any other social can get good amount of traffic from fb in much less time and with less efforts

Traffic through facebook directly? (searches right through facebook) Or, are you talking about traffic due to increased rankings on the engines as a result of facebook? Traffic originating from where?

(sorry for the double post but I came across something unexpected)

Going to add the G+1 I looked at their policy at and found that:

"Users can express their interest in a Publisher or its website by clicking the +1 button, and can share content from the Publisher’s website to Google+. "

Can share content, does that sound like copy the sites content over. Am I misreading?

I still use Facebook and Twitter to post my blog post, at least it is increase my blog visitors

I use twitter and G+. It helps increase real traffic on my website.

I know how powerful FaceBook and Tweeter in our SEO efforts. I’m not sure with G+. But since it’s Google, I can assume we’ll get good rankings from there. That is of course if we post good-quality content there.

Now a day its a “must do” list for social promotion ,without this we will be affected for gaining online promotion and indirect profit in our business to.What I can simply suggest ,make a real profile for your orgnization and be update profile regularly other wise the upcoming Google Zebra update penalized your account and perhaps it will remove that account to web world.So be connect with social media and be aware about update.