Google Plus Vs Facebook

Which site you prefer in terms of driving traffic and search engine optimization please let me know your thoughts I personally like Google plus because it helps me to develop some good reputation in search engines what about you?

i am using both G+ from ranking purpose and Facebook for Getting more Traffic …

I prefer facebook because it is having more user friendly features so facebook users are more than google plus. And they are real people which is useful to drive traffic better than any other.
Facebook is more popular than google plus. Popularity is more important and makes a service worthwhile.

100 and 10% facebook, its true now billions of people on G+ plus but the features and other thing facebook provide not other any social media site provide

Facebook is user friendly and I bet people are more into it that Google+. But I think it depends on what works for you, but I prefer using Facebook. I am still in the process of exploring Google+, I kinda find it confusing sometimes ahaha

Are you using blogger blogs? When you make a post in a blogger blog it will automatically send your post to google+ for you. This in turn brings people back to your blog. I just started using the facebook groups for traffic not sure how that is going yet.

Thank you so much for the feed back facebook is indeed the largest social network in world with over a billion people world wide and that is a really huge figure no doubt about it. But let me tell you one thing the. The reason why i like google plus is that the site uses rel=dofollow attribute which means whenever you share something on that social network you will get link juice which helps a website to boost its ranking in the search engines…But on the other end facebook is a social media giant which helps businesses pulling huge amount of targeted traffic…

@susansmith001; I didn’t think there was any such thing as a rel=dofollow link attribute. Got a link to Google or Matt Cutts ?

I personally use Facebook for my friends and family, I use Google+ for my business.

I think Facebook helps more than Google plus when it comes to driving traffic to your site.
Just think about the popularity and the huge number of people using FB.
However, when we talk about the optimization, Google plus is the best way to go. The simple reason is that it is owned and operated by Google and most people use Google more than other search engines.

i think you should go to google plus.
Beacuse it will increase traffic as well as pagerank too.
and gives you PR 9 backlink.

I use both actually but what gives me traffic is G+ than FB.

Thanks everyone

So the answer is the same as in the many other Sitepoint threads that ask
Something vs. something else?


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