Google+ really help to improve ranking?

Before google plus arrival facebook provides powerful back links. Now google plus really help or replace facebook ???


Yes, it is, if you do it professionally & if you are sure to set up a Google+authorship so that all of your content is linked to you and you’re receiving the credit to boost your SEO. I don’t really think it will replace facebook, because people use these very differently, but it will be fun to watch the dynamics change over time.

Why don’t you try and report back here on the results?

i have seen that if you share your links in google + it has a positive effect on rankings
this is a grey area by google they should not be doing this as this is anti competetive
it also helps to share your links in other google related sites like orkut, google groups and youtube

No I dont think so ,Google plus definitely help you get indexed fast but as far as ranking concerned none of social networking site will help you to get rank higher and it was confirmed by Google spam team head Matts Cuts …So its better to work on back-links and content creation for getting higher rank.

Google plus is really helpful to get traffic and also backlink. to create a backlink from google plus go your profile> about> custom link> add a custom Link

google plus and facebook both are powerful. and I think those backlinks is not factor. but it increase traffic defiantly.

Try it. It’s like facebook also. You know any social signals like google + really helps rankings. I use Google plus because I have a feeling that if the company is the same I will get ranked quicker as they will pay most attention to their own assets. Well just an opinion :smiley:

Google pluse really helpful to improving ranking. You can post link and images of the website which you want to promote. This will helps to make you more social.

I can’t see how that’s going to help your rankings. Google knows that your Google + page is about your business, so it’s not going to place any value on links from that page to your website.

The page may be useful as another way to promote your site, and hopefully increase traffic, but I don’t see how it will improve your ranking - either PR or SERPs.

Its not like that. If you shared a story on your profile such as google+ or facebook

You need to get votes as well in order to get a powerful links both networks are strong and links from them does count and support keywords as well.

Hello Friends,

As per current scenrio if you want to get success on SERP then definitely G+ help you.


How does it help? What evidence do you have?

I can see that it could help drive traffic to your site, but I don’t see how it could influence SERPs. If anybody can point me to an authoritative article on the subject, I’d appreciate it.

The opinions go back and forth on the advantages of using Google+. I have read that it can help the articles and information that you post rank higher but not necessarily your page rank. Maybe this it the distinction that is being missed. If anyone has some solid and factual information to share I would be interested in learning more.

I don’t think Google plus will helping to improve ranking because i am using Google plus page more than 5 months but my site does not ranking as much high as we want. Facebook fan page is batter than Google Plus page.

It improves ranks not just with authority but also trough the help of influencers. For example if you have quality people (influencers) in your circles and you succeed to have them share your posts you will see how your posts rank #1 and eventually your ranks will grow. That’s one of the policy that Moz is doing…

Yes, Google plus is the best way ti increase the ranking of the site.

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