Use of proxy sites


I want to know that how proxy sites shows you the results…I have my targeted Search engine as and my keywords are ranking in that but when I look into the proxy sites then none of the keywords are ranking in the proxy sites.So what is the use of proxy does these proxy sites really work???

Please help me with informative answers.


It is always better to use tools to check ranking. I am sure when you check your website on your own system it will show the sites on top which you visit the most. To see the actual results use SEOSERP and select as the search engine.

yes proxy sites good but when you check your domain ranking and backlinks then it will show same result.and when you check any content in google then first sign out your gmail id firts because it will save your history and show same result next time

Proxy sites are useful when a search engine ban your I.P. address then you can open the blocked sites with the help of proxy sites.

you can use these proxy to stay secure.

what proxy site does is that it let you access from their ip so you stay secure.

yes yes!! you can also use!!..

to check your ranking in, try to get proxy servers which is from Canada. it will help you to show proper results in
to get proxy sites related to & try to do a Google search “proxy websites from Canada”, this might give you few live proxy websites from Canada. :slight_smile: