Off-page optimization and proxy?

Is it important to use proxies to off-page optimization different websites by a professional search engine optimizer to keep himself hidden from search engine? Can open proxies be used to optimize different sites?

Search Engine Optimization SEO improves a websites placement on search engines. Using methods that search engines employ to rank a page, a search engine optimization company can make your website appear on the very first or second page of a search engines listings for relevant keywords.

i dont get this.

I also didn’t understand the question

Sorry if my question is not clear to understand.

May be this will be easy to understand…

If you are a professional Search engine optimizer who has nos. of project to complete. You have a static IP given by your ISP ( internet service provider) and you are doing off-page optimization (link building) of your projects simultaneously with this single IP.

Is not it easy for Google to find out your entity by your IP? If it is possible then does Google penalize? If there is any chance of penalty then do you need different IP for different project? Now here comes the question of using proxy IP and open proxies.

Now I am looking for correct answer.

The proxy is not used for google. When the optimizers are doing directory submissions, article submission, social bookmarking and other activities for generating backlinks, social networking and marketing, they are doing all work from same place but they do not want to get tracked from a similar ip for all the projects.

That means, submission of data of different sites being optimized from same IP needs different email account and IP. Am I right?

yes proxy and static IP plays very important role in to increase SERP and PR of site. suppose If you are getting 50 backlinks from 50 different sites but all the 50 sites keeps on same server then google will treat as spam or will not give the importance of that incoming links from those sites. :slight_smile:

I think his question was not about IP of hosting site but your computer ip. I guess there is no way that Google will find from what ip a bookmark, article entry or other content was posted. Google only see what ip has the entire site. But don’t take my words 100%, I am just trying to clear what your question is about.

Are you suggesting that Google can track the IP addresses of people visiting sites from which they hope to get a backlink? Wow, that’s a really interesting concept and they probabaly could do it as a long as you were doing the searching with Google.

So, use a different search engine to find your sites to get links from if you’re worried about that. :slight_smile:

Thanks god, “Rydorien” and “Ernest 1a” you got what I want to know. Now it is clear Google can’t track IP but it can track user name of the account or the mail address used to create account.

If that really comes in reality than Is it spam to Google if it find 100s of backlink from a single user name or mail account? According to google backlinks must be coming from natural way then there should be a nos of different acounts and email ids. Am I correct? What is your suggestion?

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How is Google going to know the e-mail used to create an account on a third-party site?

Username, sure, if it’s displayed. But I really doubt that Google uses that data, it’s easier just to drop the weight of all the easily spammed links such as bookmarking tools, blog comments and the such. Plus many of those tools now no-follow the links anyway.