Keyword Ranking

Recently I am facing some problems regarding keyword ranking in .
I am checking the rank from India in but my Client can not see that from USA. I know and &gl=us logics, but those can not help me. The ranking still differs.
Please help me to sort out this problem.
Thanks in advance and also Merry Christmas.

Hi Thomas,

It is possible. Please try USA proxy site then you can get there current ranking. It’s really help you

Try to use some of tool like SEO Spyglass for this secondly proxy changer is the right option for you.

Ranking will almost always differ because location has become a fairly important factor. The distance from the server to location of the searcher is a factor, as is the distance from searcher to whatever location is linked to the site.
On top of that, Google will look at past searches, and some browsers have location settings.
All together, these factors can make a massive difference. I found at some point that my site came up #1 on my own computer, whilst people 100 miles away didn’t even find it on page 1.

You should try this ( to get the USA ranking.

Google search listings vary depends on the country IP Address. The listings you see in from India varies from the (us). If you want to see the actual results displaying is us, install some browser addons like “SEO SERP” and can monitor the rankings. Else you can view it using google adwords preview tool.

Try Rank Tracker Or different Rank checking tools i hope it will helpful :slight_smile: