Are there any legitimate reasons to use a proxy ip?

Are there any legitimate reasons to use a proxy ip?

Not really. Only in certain cases when you require to access certain sites where you would want to access/create another account from the same ip. The reason could be that you want to access/create your friends’ account from your IP, wherein it could leave the site admin suspicious that you are trying to create two ids from same IP. In another instance you may try to look up SERPs from a proxy site for unbiased results.

The legitimate one is.

So you can hide your privacy…

Actually, to be frank, I had used some proxy servers for accessing some websites and for checking SERP too, but the former is not possible in most case. Whichever proxy you use, more websites does easily find out your basic IP and information. For example, consider that your IP is blocked on all Forums, even if you use Proxy, you cannot register on any forum.

But for checking SERP purpose, some proxies does give exact results.

Most SEO software requires you to enter in a list of proxies to use them.

Video gamers use proxies too. I’m not exactly why or how they do use them. All I know is that I’ve been getting a number of orders from guys wanting proxies for their games.

Of course there are more evil reasons to use proxies than ‘legitimate’ ones I suppose. I’ve had to cancel and refund a number of accounts recently due to comment spammers.

Yes there are some reasons Why I use IP proxy. First, proxy secure your privacy. second, to avoid the automated queries happening on search engine like Google. Third, if my site is geo targeted, I use the IP same on that location it helps to crawl my post on that certain place.