USA's equivalent to the UK's fair trading standards

Hi guys,

In the UK our government has a department called the “office of fair trading” which enforces consumer protection should a sale be fraudlent or otherwise.

I have run into a problem with a company in the USA whereby they mistakingly charged my credit card even though I haven’t been a customer of theirs for over 5 years. After multiple phonecalls and emails they issued a refund but for an amount below the original charge! If they do this to every previous customer in their database they could of quite easily made tens of millions in the space of one day. They will not respond to any phonecalls or emails.

Where do I stand with regard to this and is there an organisation I can file a complaint to which will lead to an investigation of this company?

Thank you for any advice.

Jasper, I’m not sure in respect to USA laws as to which would apply, however as a future point of note, you could have contacted your credit card company and issues a charge-back to cancel the payment and be refunded the money (preventing them from receiving payment). As for complaints, your options are probably somewhat limited as it’s an international issue but you could always go to trading standards to ask them for advice. :slight_smile: