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I have sold 4 mobile phone to 2 different customer in South Africa through Paypal.Both opened a case for unauthorised payment after delivery of the products.Paypal send me a message that the credit card issuer decided in favour of the buyer.I have shipped those products via DHL products delivered to the customers i send all the papers to the invoices tracking number that proves that these products is delivered,but paypal just ignores me.The question is can i fight against credit card issuer or Paypal? I have asked from Paypal to send me the credit card issuer details.Is there any way to get my money back legally or they are lost.Anyone who can give me a good advice will be highly appreciated.

Hi @Minas_Konstantakis, and welcome to the forums.

AS I’m sure you realise, this is a web-dev forum. While it’s possible that another member has experienced something similar, I don’t think it very likely that you’ll get useful advice here. I would recommend you consult a lawyer or business organisation in your country, who would be better placed to advise you.

I hope you manage to resolve things satisfactorily.

Since I disagree with the @technobear, I simply moved your topic to somewhere where I think that you can get more answers.

If you used DHL to send those items, you’ll surely have proved that they’ve been received.

Paypal does take its time to resolve this kind of issues and basically is because they try to contact the provider so you should have had your chance to have your saying.

Hi molona,

Thanks for your reply.I appreciate.
Exactly i have the tracking number that all 4 devices are delivered.One update is that i asked from Paypal to send me the credit card issuer details to fight legally against them since i have lost more than 1000 british pounds,but they refused to provide any details for security reason.I am in a completely desperate position.I hope anyone can help.


“Unauthorised payment” sounds to me as if the cards have been used fraudulently (or the owners are arguing that this is the case). If that is so, I don’t know where the vendor stands with regard to being reimbursed for goods. And the fact that you are not in the same country as the recipients may complicate matters.

That was why I was advising you to ask for advice from somebody who will understand the law in this area. There are various organisations you could approach if you were in the UK. I imagine there will be something similar where you are.

You should ask a lawyer. I’m afraid that in some countries you’re responsible for verying that the information given is true and, if something like this happens, you’d be responsible and the bank will not return the cash. Verification for an online business is a bit harder because you can’t match the signature on the card with a real person, or ask any other form of ID.

Some companies do receive the cash back because they have insurances for these cases.

But the only person that can only help you now is a lawyer.

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