High level of declined credit card transactions from the US


We’re getting a very high level of declined transactions from the US where most of our customers are academic and government organisations.

Our Australia gateway (SecurePay) reports these as ‘do not honour’ and we think that a lot of these are due to corporate cards having set limitations (eg. not allowing purchase of good via non-US based companies).

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

What can a solution be? Can we get our company whitelisted somewhere, for example? Or is there some best practice stuff we can do such as ‘verified by visa’?

What I want to avoid is having to switch gateway.



Have you taken a good look at the info about these purchasers? Do they seem like the names and addresses of people at academic and government organizations? Are there any patterns showing up between different transactions (similar capitalization, reuse of passwords…)?

I ask because a high rate of that response code could indicate someone (or several people) that have bought a set of stolen credit cards are using your site to check which numbers are still good. You’d be seeing a lot of that response code because the cards have already been cancelled by the issuing bank because they’re aware the information has been stolen.

It happens every day. There are forums where large numbers of stolen card numbers and their associated billing/security info are bought and sold every day.

Hi Dan and thanks for your suggestions.

I’ll have to check for the patterns you suggest - good idea.

In most cases our finance team calls the customer and completes the transaction manually via a US based payment gateway, so if there is any fraud… it’s gonna be minor.

But I’ll be checking anyway 'cause you just scared me with your comment :eek: