Uploading to hosting space

forgive me I’m a complete novice, I have a domain and a small bit of hosting space, How do I get stuff up to my website ??? I have cpanel I’ve tried ftp clients and I can’t for the life of me get anything out there on the web, any advice would be gratefully recieved
thanks in anticipation an exaspirated Signalman

FTP is the way most people do it. What trouble did you have with the FTP clients you tried?

In Cpanel click on “File Manager” when that opens there is an “upload” button on the top of the new screen that will allow you to load the files. Don’t get exaspirated, if you still experience difficulties contact your hosting provider’s support department and they should be able to help.

Please download free version of ws_ftp. It is called ‘ws_ftp LE’.
It is simple to setup as this has setup wizard and very fast to upload all the files and folders.

Good luck.

That’s only free for educational use (not to mention that it’s old software).

I’ve been recommending Firezilla these days.

ws_ftp LE is free for all.
It is not bulky and have almost all the features as others have.


I think you meant Filezilla, in which case I agree with your recommendation.

FileZilla +1 here. You have to place your files in the public_html folder.

Hope this helps

Whoops, yes. Bit of a typo there :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I actually took a look at it and was surprised to see that the website was updated and the product was updated. First update to it that I’ve seen in years.

But…accessing the download does require an email address.

FTP works natively in Windows too. Just type ftp://hostname into any Explorer window.


CPanel’s Filemanager should let you upload to the site easily.
FTP clients are usually drop and drag just like a File Explorer.

There have been tips and recommendation from the users on FTP clients. If you still find not help, check if your domain is registered.