Newbie questions about uploading a web to a web hosting service


what are the alternatives to the FTP to upload a web to a web hosting service? Are faster? What do you advise?

What happen if an FTP transmission crashes when is almost done? should i upload again everything?

Im using Netbeans 6.8 as IDE.



FTP is the best way to upload websites. All FTP clients are smart, and if upload fails, they just resume upload when FTP client is started next time

If you have a lot (like 1000s) of small files, FTP will take a tremendous amount of time. In this case it might be easier to just zip up the files, upload the zip to your server (this can be done by FTP) then use your hosting panel’s File Manager or similar to extract the files from the archive. If you have a File Manager or similar on your hosting panel, that is!

But keep in mind some hosting providers may not support unzipping option.