Domain and hosting

I would like to publish a web site so what will be needed ? After making the web page how I can hosting it.

You need to upload it to a web hosting account. Typically that is done by using an FTP client, such as Filezilla, though in most cases, and if we’re talking about a small number of files, you can do it via some feature in the hosting control panel.

In any case, you now need to find yourself a host. Whether that is a free or a paid host is up to you, depending on your situation (available funds, website purpose etc.).

There is the option of hosting the site yourself on your home/office computer, but that’s rarely going to be cost effective, and it’s typically an insecure solution.

First things first though - you should probably get yourself a domain name (it’ll cost you about $11 per year, if you go for a .com).

Did you purchased hosting space ? If so you will be having the ftp login right ?

You can download some FTP client like Filezilla to upload your files to the server i mean the website related pages or images or anything.

What I would recommend you on the start - play around with free web hosting account to understand the process better. Then when you have some more knowledge you can start with paid account.

For publishing a website, you need to have domain name, web hosting account.

With the help of ftp client, you can upload your website.

Or if you are using any CMS based scripts then you need to publish your articles.

Based on the requirements look for the reliable hosting company. Get the domain name you opt for. Set the hosting account with required features. You will given with a control panel to operate your website.

Once you have created your website, contact for the good hosting service provider and register a hosting account and domain with them. Once you sign up for the hosting account, you can upload your website files to your hosting account and it will published to online. Thanks.

I suggest you should opt for shared hosting and try to learn about hosting. For web hosting plan I recommend you justhost as they are quite cheap and reliable.

To have website published to the Internet, you need a hosting package and register a domain. May start up with the lowest hosting package, and only upgrade when require.

paid solution
1> Domain name
2> Hosting account
for free blog - open blogger account and start making webpages/articles

First you have to make web page and than you have to find a web hosting company paid or free its according to your need but if you have to publish your site then you have to do paid hosting the benefit of that you can find unlimited features when you start it then it will teach you every thing.

Follow these steps…
build a web page
get hosting login
add your site
upload your files
make changes in .htaccess

it will be running smooth.

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