Where should I upload web files to?

My client wants me to upload the files to a www directory on their server. I tried that but nothing shows up. I’m kind of confused here. Can anyone tell me where I should upload them to show my client my progress and then where to upload them when I am finished?
I posted a Firefox FTP for you to see.


Have you tried to access one of the files in the WWW directory to make sure it’s the right place to upload them? For example domain.com/image1.jpg. If you get a 404 not found error then you know it’s not the right directory.


Did you make sure that your domain is actually pointing to that host? Most hosts provide a temporary URL or IP to view the site if the domain is not pointing there so the first thing would be making sure that your domain is pointing there. From the folder structure screen shot, www would be the folder where you have to upload files and site contents.

public_html or www folder will do just fine. I was always under the assumption they were both the same in CPanel at least.

In this situation, best is to contact support of web host :smiley:

I believe in this situation would be better to ask your customer to specify directory. Additional information they will be able to find on their web hosting provider.
Some has http, public_html, www or etc folders. Mostly depends on which control panel web hosting provider use.

Have you checked if you are out of space?

You need to first open the www folder, then upload the files to it?

upload it to www folder

Errr… there quite clearly isn’t a public_html folder - not all systems use the same home directory layout as cPanel does, some just have the www folder - some have neither.

Thanks everyone. They do have their main files in the www directory. But they have no index.html or images folder like I am used to seeing. I even tried to put another directory in the www directory and put the images folder and index there. It did not show up.

public_html is the folder.
If you upload in www nothing will be saved and displayed.

Good luck.