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Following the above instructions, I can say that I am not in any way associated with UnitedHosting other than using them to host my site


since March '11.

The uptime and reliability are very good. The only downside is that all their support must be done by message or email which can be tedious. Quality of the help is good though.
Price is average which makes it good value for money too. I recommend them for UK based websites.

As someone who usually complains to high heaven whenever something goes wrong, this should carry some weight when I say United Hosting are possibly the best hosting company I’ve ever used. Their response times are incredibly fast (sometimes minutes to respond to a query or issue) and they actually go into your code for you if there is a configeration problem.

They don’t make ‘twaddle’ excuses either. If something is wrong, they’ll tell you what happened.

In the interests of balance, I have one issue with them when a site was taken offline for a few hours following a complaint. I wasn’t happy about this, but I do see their side of it and everything was resolved. Otherwise, a great hosting company with first class support.

I feel dirty now, I need to go and complain to someone… this was most unusual for me :slight_smile:

I suppose it doesn’t get any better than your review there JakeCop. It’s sad that we don’t hear more about these smaller companies (even though Unitedhosting doesn’t really qualify for the “small” description). Instead everybody wants to know about and try Godaddy, iPage etc.


Anyways, I’ve heard good things about UnitedHosting. Their pricing seems a little high to me, but it’s not too bad. Haven’t tried them yet, personally.