Has anyone had experience with

I selected them because they were one of the very few that would allow SSH access on a shared hosting plan + the price was ok + they also host Exchange.

I’ve perhaps been a bit spoiled coming from Sherweb for my Exchange hosting (they are absolutely excellent BTW: I would have stayed if they offered SSH access for their hosting plans even though the prices are high), however, I’m finding various little issues that concern my inner techie. Things like security certificates (their Exchange server atm) being invalid, spotty response when I go to load my website – sometimes it’s lightning fast and others it’ll sit and appear to hang for a good 6-8 seconds…

I would hate to switch all of my ‘stuff’ again but, I’d rather feel secure that my e-mail is going to get through Spam filters and my website won’t be blocked by corporate malware detection etc.

Just overall, I’m seeing inconsistency. Does anyone else have any experience with them good / neutral / bad that you can share?

Once again, please follow the format or have your thread removed. We’re looking for informaton for members to use to judge your host.



My apologies; I"m not providing a review I’m looking for feedback. The ability to move my post is unavailable, please move it to Host Your Site >> Web Hosting.

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