I luvvvv Pearlhost

Superb service, Excellent prices… helping througout…

Their prices are very cheap for whole year hosting I paid only £14.95 for 25gb webspace and unlimited bandwidth …

Give it a go and Im sure youll be happy too!!!

ur: www.pearlhost.co.uk

I appreciate your review, but could you please look at the template we set forth for host reviews? More specifically

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Thanks :slight_smile:

No iam in no way in affiliate nor do i know the people who own this but iam hosting with them since 4 months+ and have not had problem and thir help person on livechat even helped on transfering wordpress data from other sites free. This is way i thought I would return favour for the company but the company people does not know that i have posted review here at all, and I also thought other users who needs relaible and cheap hosting may beneift from this.