Twitter or facebook which one you prefer?

When comes to social media, facebook and twitter will jump out of my head. As i am planning to advocate our company and products in social media, i am just wondering which one i should focus more.
What kind of approaches are most acceptable in social media, it seems that people are not welcome this kind of company or product promotions.
What do you think?

I prefer both. Because both are having huge following and can be very helpful for the businesses and individuals.

[font=verdana]As a user, rather than a business or advertiser, it annoys me intensely when businesses use Facebook as an advertisement platform. Sure, I may have “liked” your page, but that doesn’t mean I want my feed to be bombarded with promotional rubbish. You’ve only got a very thin line to tread before I block you completely. If you want to genuinely engage with your “likers” then that’s one thing, but just telling me to buy your stuff all the time is not what Facebook is for.

Twitter is a bit different – there’s no reason to follow someone on Twitter if you don’t want to receive their messages, so if I’ve followed you then there’s more of a chance that I’m interested in hearing what you’ve got to say. But even then remember that to an extent you’re preaching to the choir. You don’t need to convince me that your business is a good one, I know that already. I don’t want generic adverts. If you’ve got a special offer on, if you’ve got a new development coming out, that’s the kind of thing I might be interested in. But more of the “same old, same old”? Forget it.

If you want to know what’s acceptable and sensible practice, think about what works on you, when you use Facebook and Twitter. What tactics are more likely to get you engaged, and what turns you off completely? That’s where a lot of businesses go wrong with social media – they see it simply as a way to push their advertising onto people, without considering how they would feel about other companies doing the same to them.[/font]

I would prefer Facebook but many people are moving to twitter now so I am also thinking to start using Twitter.

I hope what you found out about people moving to Twitter won’t stop you from using both. You’ll be missing a lot if you disregard any of those social networking sites.

It would depend on which ones you’re comfortable with, dude. Remember that it’s called “social” media. It’s not called that way for no reason; you have to focus more on socializing rather than using it as a way to promote whatever it is that you’re trying to sell to people – may it be a product, or a service.

I like to use facebook because we can make many landing page related to our product and services and after online promotion that pages by facebook marketing campaign which helps to grow our business and increase visibility of our Web Pages in search engine.

I used both facebook and twitter also. But i like more facebook. FB has more option of promotion in comparison to twitter but in few cases twitter is good. so you can also use both.

I like to use facebook because, present most of the Netizens using Facebook. also in FB we can make many landing pages and we can do facebook marketing campaign, which helps to our business

I would have to say…twitter. The simplicity of the site is really the deciding factor for me, even though both have their perks.

Good point. No one likes the creepy promoter without a personality. You may benefit from it a little but consistent conversions will follow the promoter that builds a rapport with readers.

I like facebook way than twitter

Good to know but that’s not the question at hand… Unless by like you are stating Facebook is better for marketing and in that case the obvious follow up would be why?

I feel that Twitter is better as well, because on there I can focus on business.
Facebook I feel is more for socializing.

Facebook can be use for your personal at the same way for business. Facebook allows 420 and usually write a few sentences about the post so that it stands out a little bit more in someone’s news feed and adds a personal touch to the readers, while twitter only allowing 140 characters to write, which can be a little bit limiting when you’re trying to drive traffic to a post.

I’m adding LinedIn and Pinterest to your list of social media. Actually different social media work for different businesses. For example, if you’re doing clothes, Pinterest will be the newest yet most powerful in promoting your brand to the public; while if you’re looking for corporations who will pay for your business level copycat, LinkedIn will serve better.

Go and look over your targeted market, then decide which one to use.

Both Twitter and Facebook has their own importance. With Twitter being so simple, I prefer using Twitter as Facebook has more kind of social activity. So your message should be limited to 140 characters and is displayed on every person who is following you. So it’s better in spreading your message.

I prefer facebook than twitter and it is also probably because of the niche am working on. I think facebook is far reaching and very friendly for content sharing as it has pages and groups where you can promote what ever you want to while twitter dont have such groups or pages options.

very interesting to read everyone’s thought about the two but most businesses use the both of them…there should not be a choice as both offer varying opportunities…but not should be treated as direct customer acquisition - that is for sure as this will be counter - productive…

You may have asked instead, “Which do you prefer, apples or oranges?” They’re both fruits, but one is quite different from the other. If you are using either for business promotion, you need to judge each of them on the particular merits they offer to your business, not the businesses of others. What do you expect to achieve in using Social Media for business and what tools do both of them offer that will help you to achieve your objective?

I prefer facebook. Easy to use and easy to understand. Facebook is one of the largest traffic generating website in the world.