Facebook vs Twitter

Have you accounts on both these Social Networks? So which one do you give your preference to?

Have you accounts on both these Social Networks? So which one do you give your preference to?

In my world, Twitter is a professional network [as is LinkedIn and given who is on it thus far, Google+] while Facebook dominates from a personal day to day interaction with friends.

By large this is the norm. Not necessarily in Twitter being professional but certainly topical – people tweet and follow on certain subjects and while they can varry from internet marketing to politics the single feed keeps it fairly narrow person to person.


Which do you prefer between your house and your car? Facebook and twitter are as different in their use.

Obviously you use the one most suited to the task at hand.

You live in your house.
You drive around in your car.
You post public messages with Twitter.
You converse with your friends on Google+.
You save Facebook for when you have a few decades of free time to figure out what it exists for and how to use it to actually do anything.

Getting off topic here, but this is just as interesting…

I say that because most of the commentary on Google+'s design when it launched was that it mirrored the structure of Facebook to the point that the two have almost identical eye tracking results. What’s different is the icons, colors [or in the case of Google+, lack of them] and interaction behaviors.

I guess it goes to show how much even small UX elements impact from user to user… so much so that despite half of the USA’s internet population using Facebook regularly, someone can still have a completely negative experience.

Facebook has to be just about the least user friendly web site I have seen. I signed up there about two weeks before I signed up for Google+ and while it was really obvious in Google+ how to use all the features that it currently provides, I still haven’t figured out how to do anything with Facebook.

The issue is being able to meld Social into “Business”, which is really tough. For most people, the social media sites Facebook,Twitter, etc, are used more for personal issues, not business, so finding a way to interact with both current and potential customers requires a delicate touch. On the one hand, we want to “get the word out” about our company,but on the other you don’t want to be all “spammy”. I have found that a slow, deliberate approach works, although you won’t see major results overnight, you can slowly start to add “friends” accumulate “likes” ,and get re-tweeted etc.

Facebook is a combination of everything include your day to day personal life and some serious business. Twitter and LinkedIn on the other hand, to a large extent is for serious minded people.

Talking about user friendliness, I think google puts into consideration how easy to use their productts are. I like the simplicity of Google+. This is comething you don’t find on facebook.

facebook as millions of people are using it for promoting their products/services and also to get in touch with their families and friends.

I stopped using Facebook because it felt way too mind numbing for me. I like twitter because I get good information from it. G+ so far has been lame but since I use so many Google products, I still think there is potential for it to be the best. So far its just been a Facebook clone though.

facebook is cool for chatting and getting in touch with friends and i can say that google + did not impressed me to that point i needed to use it.

I prefer to use Twitter as someone else has mention Fcebook is not user friendly so although it may have a bigger audiance i dont use it,Twitter does everything that i want from it.

The trick is… you need to be able to manage ALL of the social networks if you are a business. (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Digg, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn, etc.)

A lot to juggle, if you set a part a certain amount of time per day for each network that will help you the most.

Facebook is a combination of everything include your day to day personal life and some serious business. Twitter and LinkedIn on the other hand, to a large extent is for serious minded people. Both are good

I suggest you to work on both of them because both had diverse users. On twitter users are like more mature and professional who are interested in latest updates all around the world where as on facebook you will find younger people with different interests. It totally depend on which age and what sort of users are you trying to target.

Thanks for sharing. Facebook is a combination of everything include your friends of friend. It is provide to group sharing but twitter is not provide. So i like to facebook. Facebook is provided to fan page and twitter is not provided fan page. But both networking site is best

Both facebook and twitter works better. No one can beat each other. It recommended to have an account for each for the person involved in internet business.

As what felgall said, it’s actually not a matter of choice for me. It’s like having them by use, need or want. Say, a celebrity NEED a twitter because it would be an advantage to their spontaneous publicity. Or I would want a Google Plus account since it’s just cool to have one and been the first one to have been invited. :stuck_out_tongue:

Personal choice is Facebook. It also drives more traffic than Twitter and one of the reason: Fb growth rate is tremendous when compared to other social networking sites. I would say 25% Twitter, 75% Fb

However, i have started with G+ for personal usage because many of my friends with gmail account are into G+ now.


Frankly speaking I don’t like any of the social website because I am not getting good business from them. But still the small business I am getting only from Facebook. So my half vote goes to Facebook.

I’m inclined to agree, Facebook and Twitter are completely different. However i do prefer Twitter, im on it more, it’s a lot more streamlined and there’s less waffle in my twitter stream than my news feed on facebook.