Facebook vs Twitter

Facebook vs Twitter

Please compare these topics to get benefits of the experience here. I like to get more likes from facebook and to get more followers from twitter.

Which is the best one for us?

Please discuss,…

You can just say that the one is better from the other. It depends on many things - some businesses are treated better on Twitter, while other on Facebook. In some countries people prefer to communicate with brands on Twitter, rather than Facebook. What I’m trying to say is that both social networks are awesome for different things. IF you provide more information and I can point the right one for you, but now it’s unreasonable to guess…

They serve two entirely different purposes.

Your question is like asking whether a bicycle or space ship is the better form of transport.

I’m starting seeing some results on my FB campaign lately so I think I’ll go for FB.

This topic has been discussed in many many other threads here at SitePoint alone. You have looked through them already, correct?
Why do you want more? My life experience is that it is much better for me to like others than to look for evidence that others like me.
Best for what?
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