Anyone here who have tried creating account at and applied for a job and got hired?

why you ask?

The thing about is that you have to bid for a job and compete with other applicants and I’m not really a fan of that. If you are really seeking for a more stable way of finding a job then I suggest you look for other sites similar to freelancer minus the bidding part. I suppose you can check out, that’s the kind of website I’m talking about. I have a lot of Filipino friends who were hired for a regular job there and they are still working for the same company after many years… Just keep in mind, you cannot sign up if you’re not from Philippines. So I suggest you look for a site similar if you wanna get hired…:slight_smile:

Hope this helps…:slight_smile:

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I am planning to have an online job.

I tried and I have account at but, without previous history and reputation it is hard to get any job. I think this is the problem of many freelance web sites. If you a new to the service it is impossible to get through.

You’re right friend. You have to wait long before you’ll get a decent job through this site. I can relate to this since I’ve tried freelancer when I was still focusing on my online writing career … I suggest you go and do other things that will truly make you money online. There’s actually lots of stuff to try…:slight_smile:

what’s the difference from upwork or fiverr?

Personally I would recommend rather than simply because it seems to have more volume and choice.

If I were you I would open the project on both sites and see what kind of response you get.

I used it once and got hired and i found they want you to do alot more work than they ask for.

I also found you were bidding really low for alot of work and being outbid at really low prices

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