Favorite Freelance Websites

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to get your thoughts on Freelance websites. How many of you out there use Freelance websites to find new clients/work?

Do you have a favorite? If so, which do you find is the best paying?



try this one: http://www.freelancer.com/

^^ agree with Casy, freelancer is one great freelance site.

Another is Elance.

I am currently using Elance and have been pretty successful at finding projects and earning a decent amount of money.

How are the earnings on the other sites like Freelancer.com?

I also work on Freelancer.com , very great site. ^^

I hate those bidding websites, their the gutter trash bottom of the barrel solution for professionals, all they breed are people willing to work for 3rd world prices. :frowning:

Have you considered marketing your skills in your local area, calling businesses who may need a new website, or using proper job boards like 37signals, krop (etc). :slight_smile:

Sounds like you have a bitter experience, sorry to hear that.

I did very well back then using them, and I did not have to resort to 3rd world rates. Winning a project is not just about who bids the lowest. In fact, those who don’t know otherwise are the least competition threat. And vice versa, the buyers who hunt for the lowest bids are not the clients you’d want to work for.