Anyone here a frelancer? need some tips

so ive made 5 websites with php now, including one for a web development company i am trying to start
but i cant get any work!
i tried this site:
seems like a joke
theres bids in there for $20, what am i supposed to do bid $10?

you can’t really compete on those websites, try looking on craigslist

The best thing to do is probably advertise yourself on forums. Most php orientated forums have a freelancer section where you can post your skills and availability. Someone will then contact you with an offer. This sort of business is tough, but with the right promotion you will get the clients. And if you’re in the UK close to the north east then i may have a job for you :slight_smile: if not then keep trying. Create a portfolio showcasing your work, and maybe start a few small projects of your own. When i first started i was making template engines and database wrappers.

thanks guys ur the best
no im in the north east US
i appreciate the offer tho