Competing for jobs in freelance work sites

I’ve freelanced before as a website developer, but not too much. It’s not like I have gotten new clients from the positive feedback I get from working for others. So I decided to try it again, online, and I joined a freelance work site. With the constant influx of available work I shouldn’t be complaining anymore, but as a newcomer to the site, how do make myself stand out?

A lot of experience people submit their proposals, and anyone can see how many freelance jobs they’ve taken before (of course I have none). I find some jobs I feel capable of doing, but I could use some tips writing custom proposals as I hardly had to write proposals before. Any other tips to get started, to become a reputable freelancer online? I already described my services, and added some portfolio pieces to my profile.

Hey Mate

I do have some years of experience in freelancing but i ended up creating my own products and sell them.

Well, I too had the same problem before but slowly i learned the art of freelancing. I see that you have some good work on your portfolio.

I suggest you to do some work on your website. People would not like to waste a lot of time in you site so better show what services you offer and you works. May be use you gtalk, skype , msn contact there on your website.

I started my career with scriptlance and digitalforum. I suggest you to try with digitalforum though people have bad experience there. But, you will learn a lot from there. May be you should try to start work will a lower price in the first but once you have good reputation you can go smooth.

I hope it helps. Just sharing my experience.

Good luck