Transition effect differences with images compared to text

Hi all,

Ive created my very first small flash transition slideshow comprising of 4 images with the the content of those images containing text…

I then thought why not just re-create the flash file but instead of importing 4 different images into the library, ill manually type the text into 4 separate layers, which Ive done.

I have used the exact FPM of 25fpm and the identical opacity on each keyframe in both the imported images and the manual text versions, the problem being, the manual text I typed out stutters or to put it another way is not a smooth transition, were as the 4 images containing the identical text make a beautiful transition - can anybody explain why ???

I can upload all .html / .swf and .fla for anybody to look at, please reply back through the post



This is likely down to the text aliasing type you have set. If you ‘anti-alias for animation’ the text will animate smoother but look less sharp at rest. You can set the text to anti-alias for readability, which improves sharpness, and if the the text is then embedded into a movieclip with ‘cache as bitmap’ switched on, you will avoid the ‘stuttering’ of the text.

Ok thanks for advice, Ill give that a go and if there is still any issues Ill reply back to this thread, touch wood it will be the fix im looking for :slight_smile:

Ive just tried putting the tick in the cache as bitmap and the anti alias for readability was already selected, and its still stuttering.

Ive included all 3 files inc the fla in the zip folder.

Its by no means finished, as I wanted the transition to fade in for 2 seconds be on screen @ 100% opacity for 15 seconds then fade back out for 2 seconds.(like the image version folder will show, once I know how to create a fluid transition using manually typed text in flash, the worlds my oyster lol its just knowing how to do it the first place, as Ive now tried several attempts, but unfortunately getting nowhere…)

The second folder is the version I created with the image format I made in PS, so there is no manually typed text in this one, and this one is perfect in terms of its transition effect but if you zoom out just once the text becomes unreadable, that is why I thought id manually type the text out and had the mindset that it would decrease in font size and would still be legible if the user zoomed down just 1 knotch…

See what you think though…

The broken one has the tween keyframes set all wrong, the initial one should be set at alpha 0, and the end one at 100. You have frames set at a mid level so there is no tween.