Issue with a Transition slideshow with play/pause/back/forward buttons

Hi all,

I know how to create a basic transition slideshow, after watching a very handy youtube tutorial, and also I know how to make a play button that acts as a play/pause function and both a forward and back button, but my question is this, the tutorials I watched where creating different end objectives.

The button creation tutorial made a little stick man move across the page at your own discretion with the use of the buttons.

The transition slideshow had 4 images that just faded in and faded out.(very simple)

The actual problem though…!

When you use want to play/pause/go forward/go backward I know you have to create an instance name for each object on the stage, so with the stickman he just named him “dude”, and called on “dude” to start/ stop etc. How do I go about using the same scenario but on 4 images when all four images have different instance names, because flash needs to know which instance its stopped on in order to start the slideshow from the same point or even move to the next image, or go backwards ? (kinda like javscript I think in a if or else situation ??? )

Lastly regarding the images in the slideshow:

They are client testimonials so include a fair amount of keywords. I thought it would be easier to create a PS file for each testimonial which I have done, but then obviously realised search engines wont be able to index the content. How much more difficult would it be to create the content all in flash ? As this will be my very first attempt at creating a slideshow with text and imagery I didnt know how much more complex it will be converting everything to symbols etc … ?

I have included the 4 images I created in PS for you to see if its worth writing the same content into Flash or just leave them as they are (as a PS image) ?

Thankyou for taking the time to read this :slight_smile: