Just a stupid easy flash question or two

  1. If I use text in my flash file and I do not convert the text to a symbol and export the movie, does the user viewing the movie have to have the font i used installed on their machine to see the font I used?

2)If i have a graphic with 6 layers and I hide 2 of the layers IN the graphic, whenever i use that graphic on my scene, the 2 layers i had hidden show back up … that’s weird.?


  1. If you set the text as dynamic text or input text, yes. If the text element is static text, they don’t need the font.

If you have dynamic text in a font that isn’t common, you can embed the font by clicking the ‘embed’ button. Then you can embed the characters you’ll need. This way, the user won’t need the font to display the text content.

  1. Hiding layers on the timeline is merely for development purposes. If you want them to stay hidden at runtime, make them guides. They won’t be published at all if they are guides.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

gotcha, ok one more thing. The flash file has four frames and it just flips through each one every 100 frames, very simple. And I can make little squares with the numbers 1 2 3 4 and you can click them and go to any slide…

what i’m trying to figure out is how to make the litttle sqaure stay orange or whatever while it’s corresponding slide is showing… like when you are on slide 1, 1 is highlighted, slide 2, 2 is highlighted. so forth.

Make the square you want to be orange, orange on the appropriate slide?

That means you’ll need separate squares for each slide though.

If you have the same squares on the screen all the time, you can place an orange square on each slide, but position it so it covers the navigation squares. Does that make sense?

yeah i think so… lemme try that… and then i guess i would have one layer of squares that are not orange… but it seems to me that the not orange squares would always be on top. hmm

If you set up the keyframes so one orange square appears for each slide, you should be OK.

i get it… just have an aorage layer above the buttons… right right right thanks!