Transfer hosting to Hostgator,How about Email?

Good day

I have a client who wants me to host his website which i am creating totally new.
he uses an email like

i have a reseller account with hostgator.

if i just change domain dns will it do it? how about the emails?is there anything else do i need to do?

thank you in advance

Changing the DNS will result in his emails pointing to HG’s servers (unless you edit the MX record). You do need to setup the email address though.

If he has emails on his old account that he needs transferred over, he could save them locally, then, using IMAP, copy them to the email account on the new server, once propagation is done.

thank you for the info.

basically ,I can just change dns settings to my hosting hostgator dns2… and create a new email accounts…and when the dns changes takes affect (24hrs) emails that people send will go through my reseller account to their inbox (…)

My client does not keep emails on the server,uses outlook to retrieve on their computer.

If you have a HG reseller account, you probably use the “” nameservers, or have your own private ones.

Perhaps I was a bit too short in my previous post. You do need to first create an end user account. As a reseller you have access to WHM (which you use, basically, to create end user accounts) and cPanel. As an end user, your customer will only have access to cPanel. Then you can setup the email accounts that he needs, or he can even create them himself once you give him his cPanel username and password.

But, yes, that should be it. Hostgator should be able to help you out, should you run into any issues.

Thank you very much for your support.