Changing Domain Registrar, Hosting & Migrating Emails

Hi Guys,

I have never done this before so please go easy! :grin:

I am building a website for a company (they don’t have a website at the moment) and they have asked me to transfer the domain, hosting and Migrate their emails.

Please correct me if I’m wrong but I need to give them the IPS tag do transfer the domain name to my hosting, next is where I need help.

I need to then migrate all the emails across to the new hosting package- the hosting company said they could migrate the emails if the old hosting company has a Cpanel, which they don’t. So I have been looking at manuals of how to migrate the emails myself…But wanted to ask the experienced community how i manually migrate the emails, explained in a simple way, so I can take it in :joy: Or if anyone can provide a link to a step by step process of doing this I’d be very grateful

Once this is done then I understand I can change the DNS to point to the new hosting?

Any help would be most appreciate and I apologies if I have put this in the wrong area of the forum, I just thought this might be the most appropriate.

Thank you in advance

Yes if the domain is Co.UK Domain then you will require to change the domain TAG, and if its .com,net etc you will need to EPP code to get the domain transferred.

Regarding Email transfer if the old host is not using Cpanel the best solution for emails we give is ask the client to configure outlook and get all the old emails downloaded. Once thats done you can then transfer the website files and update DNS so that new emails starts coming from the new provider.

Thank you for your response.

The client isn’t very tech savvy so could I log into their emails on my outlook, copy them and transfer them to the new email on outlook for them?

Thank you for your help so far, really appreciate it

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