Website and its email hosting on different servers

I have a client site currently on a Hostgator reseller account but I’d like to move the website hosting over to my Linode. The email accounts however should stay with Hostgator. DNS is also managed with Hostgator. In the " Simple DNS Zone Editor" of the Hostgator CPanel I have the option to add an A Record or a CName record.

In which of the two do I need to enter my Linode IP, and will their emails continue to function fine on Hostgator? Is this all I need to do?

Thanks to both of you!

Alternately, if you use Hostgator DNS you need to change the A records to point to the linode IP. Also note that whenever you add / remove any subdomains, you will need to add them manually to the DNS zone on hostgator. So I agree with the above post, it would be better to move the DNS over to linode and just change the MX records.

The best way to go about this is to update the nameservers for the domain name to point to linode. Once you have done that, just adjust the mx record to point back to your hostgator hosting account.

You can do the reverse, however, you will have to update a few more DNS records to have everything else point to your linode account.