First client domain transfer into a web hosting package - "Help" :-)

Hey all,

I have managed to persuade my very first client into switching his hosting over and into, my web hosting package, as he will be saving 50% a year on hosting costs. Right, that was the easy part…!

As I am complete virgin to all this, apart from knowing I have to create an addon domain within cpanel and setting up the same email address in the email accounts, plus then registering the domain transfer with my host and informing his old host of the IPS-TAG , the one part of everything thats got me baffled, is, how do I synch up his “Microsoft Outlook” which is what he currently uses to access his emails with my host, or do I assume (in a blonde thinking moment) that he will still be able to access his emails through Outlook once the switchover has taken place, and I wont have to worry about the synchronisation ?

Look forward to hearing from anyone :slight_smile:

You set up a new CPanel account (assuming you have the ability to do so) and can set up his current emails and use the same username and password if you like.

Then you can copy his old site (assuming it’s also on CPanel) over to your server (often your web host will do that for you).

You don’t need to move the domain hosting as such. All you need to do is get the login details for that domain name and then redirect it. So, it will have some name servers, such as and You just change them to your own name servers: and Then, after a short time, all searches for his site will point to your server, and his emails will come in as usual, without affecting Outlook.