Traffic=search engine ranking

Hi everyone I was wondering if google recognizes how much traffic your site gets.

Meaning a site like facebook many people go straight to that site without google, so does google adjust your search engine ranking in any way from the amount of traffic your site gets or is it all about links and other factors?


How would they know? Particularly for the many sites that don’t use Google Adwords or Analytics, they have no idea how much traffic you get other than what they send to you.

I believe they do pay attention to the click patterns on their SERPs - so a page that gets a lot of clickthroughs might be moved up, but a page where people often clickthrough and then return to the SERP and follow another link soon afterwards could be moved down.

If you talk about ‘traffic’ as a factor, it depends on the relevancy of the traffic (what kind of traffic you attract) and your bounce rate and the keyword for which you attract maximum traffic. Ex: if you are a brand and people directly search you by name and you attract huge traffic.I believe Google would consider it, again it depends on the relevancy of the traffic and the bounce rate, user behavior like time spent on the site etc.

They know how much they send you, of course, but if they ranked sites by that statistic it would be self-perpetuating - “you’re number one, so you get lots of hits, so you rank better, so you’re number one” etc.

I believe Google does take into account your site’s “bounce” rate - if whatever visitors you do get are leaving immediately, your site might not be very good.

Google knows what your performance for SERPs listing from CTR that you can also measuring even organic traffic from WMT.

They don’t know about the trafficyou get from other sites or direct links. They can only guess.